Queremos difundir la publicación el libro The Economies of Latin America, de la Editorial Pickering and Chatto, Londres, editado por uno de los miembros de la Asociación, César Yañez junto a Albert Carreras.

Entre los 13 artículos del libro, podrán encontrar varios artículos de historiadores económicos chilenos (Mauricio Folchi, Vicente Neira, César Yáñez, André Hoffman, Cristian Ducoing, y José Jofré). Esperamos que puedan darle difusión a esta publicación con interesantes artículos sobre Chile y América Latina, y felicitamos a los autores y editores.

Pueden encontrar más información ACÁ.

Les dejamos a continuación algunas opiniones sobre la publicación y  el índice completo.

‘This is the type of book that Latin American economic historians have been waiting to see – one which deals rigorously with new evidence for a wide range of topics and countries.’
– Luis Bértola, Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay

‘Researchers as well as students will find in this book compiled by Yáñez and Carreras a successful mix of quantitative analysis with comporary and historical debates on the roots of Latin American economic backwardness.’
– José Antonio Ocampo, Professor Columbia University


Preface – César Yáñez and Albert Carreras
Introduction: Latin American Economic Backwardness Revisited –César Yáñez and Albert Carreras
1 Expectations, Institutions and Economic Performance: Latin America and the Western European Periphery during the Twentieth Century – Albert Carreras
2 On the Accuracy of Latin American Trade Statistics: A Non-Parametric Test for 1925 – María del Mar Rubio and Mauricio Folchi
3 Latin America and Its Main Trade Partners, 1860–1930: Did the First World War Affect Geographical Patterns? – Marc Badia-Miró and Anna Carreras-Marín
4 The Structure of Latin American Investment in Equipment Goods during the Mature Period of the First Globalization – Xavier Tafunell
5 Factorial Distribution of Income in Latin America, 1950–2000: New Series from the National Account Data – Vicente Neira Barría
6 The Influence of the First World War on the Economies of Central America, 1900–29: An Analysis From a Foreign Trade Perspective – Frank Notten
7 Economic Modernization in Adverse Institutional Environments: The Cases of Cuba and Chile – César Yáñez
8 Capital Goods Imports, Machinery Investment and Economic Development in the Long Run: The Case of Chile – André A Hofman and Cristián Ducoing
9 The Sugar Industry, the Forests and the Cuban Energy Transition, from the Eighteenth Century to the Mid-Twentieth Century – José Jofré González
10 Empirical Debate on Terms Of Trade and the Double Factorial Terms of Trade of Colombia, 1975–2006 – Santiago Colmenares
11 Public Revenues in Bolivia, 1900–31 – José Alejandro Peres Cajías
12 The Consumption of Durable Goods in Latin America, 1890–1913: Analysis and Estimation of a Demand Function Carolina Román Ramos